Video Testimonials

“In the past I went to the gym with the goal of losing weight and getting into better shape. I had no formal training and did what looked right to me by observing others using various types of equipment. My routine consisted of about an hour of cardio and 20 minutes of weight machines 5 -6 days a week. After about a year and a half I had reached my weight goal of losing 35 lbs, I looked and felt better.

What I didn’t realize was the damage that I was doing to my body at 46 years of age. I ended up with a torn medial meniscus and a bone on bone condition in my right knee. Two years later, after two knee surgeries and a partial knee replacement I had gained the weight back and lost the desire to exercise.

Three months ago I met JJ and we started working together two days a week for an hour at a time. What a difference! Through her extensive knowledge of the human body and targeted exercise methodology we have accomplished in 3 months what took me  a year and half by myself. Not to mention that the techniques JJ teaches actually protect and strengthen my joints and entire body. Today, I have experienced a total body and spiritual transformation that has changed my life for the better. I was able to lose weight and get into better shape by myself. However; it took me 4 times as long and came with 2 surgeries including a partial knee replacement.

Working with JJ has been a Godsend to me in my life today, I would highly recommend her professional services for anyone interested in changing their life for the better”


Darren Bond

“I have known JJ for about 2 years now, and have come to value her opinion highly. She is a holistic person, looking at all parts of your life to improve and make you better. Mind, spirit, body and diet for me!

I suffered a bad case of Diverticulitis and had visited many doctors, all with dire thoughts of surgery. JJ was all about healing yourself and how we can help with that. First thing was changing the diet by eliminating anything processed, all dairy and all wheat products. Within a month I knew that dairy was a real issue with me. I had lots of low grade infections on my skin and they all healed in that time. Those same infections were bothering my gut. We added Beet Kavas, coconut oil, aloe vera juice, probiotics, and an egg based protein powder. A year later and I have no symptoms of infection. Truly a life changing event for me.

Our exercise program is no less dramatic. I had broken a leg and hip years earlier from a bike accident. It left me with many issues, shorter leg, damaged muscle tissue and a bad foot from walking oddly. She has worked around this, and strengthened my leg, and core so I am stronger and able to hike 5 to 7 miles. I love her approach to workouts. The weights are enough to cause you to fail, but light enough not to damage you either. The focus is always on small groups of muscles, visualizing them as they contract and do the work.  It takes some time to train your brain around this, and she is great at getting the muscle memory engaged. Every workout has a great deal of core work using many different exercises to work all parts of your core. This year skiing has been quite incredible with a strong core and legs. Not just quads, but inner quad muscles, gluts, hamstrings, and calves. The total strength makes it so much simpler to maintain a great position skiing, and not get tossed around. I am skiing better than I have in 15 years.

Thanks JJ for helping me improve my life!”


“JJ is the most holistic trainer/coach I have ever worked with.  Although I view her specialty as being in the areas of exercise and diet she has the gift of seeing ALL areas of my life and how they work together to support or sabotage me.

JJ takes my lifestyle into consideration rather than trying to change my lifestyle to fit her philosophy. This has been my experience a lot in the past with other trainers/nutritionists.  And did I stick with them…NOPE.  Because JJ has the ability to work with my lifestyle starting where I’m at, she is the only trainer that I have returned to over and over for tune-ups over the years. I never feel judged by her. I feel accepted RIGHT WHERE I’M AT when in her presence and we always start from there and that’s the biggest gift to me.  Sometimes it’s hard for even me to accept myself where I’m at. So, she takes the first step and I follow.

JJ has a unique balance of nudging me to live a healthier lifestyle without having me feel judged.  I don’t know how she does it but this is one of her many gifts that I experience in each communication with her.  JJ supported me in losing 35 pounds and assisted me in bringing light into the blind spots that I had not seen for many years.  She is a true motivator that is committed to her clients.” Audre N.

“Before JJ, I was regularly working out in my garage on my equipment getting nowhere. I have always been active and exercised, so I thought I knew what I was doing. I also had knee pain, back pain and a few pounds to lose.  It’s now been 8 years and I have not only worked with JJ over the phone and one on one in person, I even hired her to create a Wellness Program for my company. My knee pain was alleviated within the first few months, I released 10 lbs easily after going gluten and dairy free and I feel stronger and faster on the ski slopes than I have in years. JJ Flizanes is not only my trainer, she is my confident, shrink, strategist, nutritionist and counselor.  Her knowledge and wisdom goes beyond the sciences of the body. And I wouldn’t trust my joints to anyone else- I need them to keep up with my active lifestyle.”  Jody Lay

“I have been working with JJ Flizanes for many years. Before I started working with JJ, I had never really worked out much. I have played golf for many years, ski and do various outdoor sporting events from time to time but never had formal exercise in my life. Here we are, almost 6 years later and close to 15 lbs lighter, and I can’t imagine my life without it. I love feeling strong, having muscle and more energy. Through JJ’s training one on one with me, her podcast and the classes she gives at my company, I have learned how easy it can be to eat better, how stress impacts my body and how important my health really is to me. I can honestly say I have a different relationship with my body than I ever have before.”  Greg Lay

“I knew when I met with JJ for the first time that she would be an excellent trainer.  She brought a completely new perspective to my training.  She asked me what my goal was and tailored my training to accomplish it.  I was with a few other trainers previously but they focused solely on the strength training.  Diet was never taken into consideration.  Yet, this is one of the most important component of any workout program.  This is what differentiates her from the others.  She pulls everything together into one complete package.  Plus, she takes a holistic approach to health which brings it to a different level.

From the first session, she keyed on my diet.  She said that I shouldn’t count calories.  Instead, she advised on what my meals should look like and what I was lacking in order to build muscle.  She added more good fats that was deficient from my meals.  She also tweaked my gym workouts.  I was working out too much and not getting the desired results.  As we trained together, she continued to provide me with additional information that helped me understand how I can work out smarter.

She’s very patient and understood my challenges even though I’ve had a trainer for so long.  Her techniques are different but very effective.  She also checks after each session to make sure we worked the muscles like we’re supposed to.  This helps to tweak the workouts to achieve results.

My initial goal was for a planned to trip to Italy.  It was an aggressive timeline but I accomplished my goal.  She is one of the best!”  Noemi S.

“I have been working with JJ for going on five years.  I first saw JJ present at a workshop and what she said made sense to me.  During the time I have been working with her I have found her to be authentic, genuinely interested in my health and well being and a great support in meeting some of the challenges I have encountered along the way.  Not only that but having worked with other trainers in the past, I can say that JJ definitely knows what she is doing.  If I have discussed an injury with her she has been able to, without actually seeing me, pinpoint what the problem might be.  Later the doctor’s diagnosis would often confirm her original opinion.  She has also been able to work around injuries, vacations, and adjusts the workouts she gives me to my fitness level and time I have available to workout.  She also has worked on my eating habits, which has not been an easy task.  Her approach is unique in this aspect and I have made some positive adjustments to my eating.  JJ practices what she preaches and is always learning and trying new things.  When she believes that something works she shares it with her clients.  JJ is a positive thinker and takes an holistic approach.  I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about their overall health and fitness.”

Christine Hover

“After countless trainers I discovered JJ.  She has found the key…the key to me. Her passion for fitness is to get me to perform for myself, and the understanding of how my mind and body work in concert. Through her knowledge she has taught me how to manage my stress and the part it plays in my overall health program. I finally learned to let go and let JJ.

Amazing results!” Sharon T.

“JJ has made a wonderful difference in my fitness. While I have been active all my adult life, I am stronger today than I was five years ago even though I am approaching my mid 60s. She taught me to make my workout time much more effective by tuning into what the muscles and joints are doing. I have osteoarthritis in both knees and she continues to find ways  to workout safely and effectively.   I am convinced that the quality of my aging is so much better. She is very clear that fitness begins with how and what we think in nearly every aspect of life. I give more thought to what my options are now than to what my limitations might be. ”  Cindi Holt

“JJ’s passion for health and fitness is apparent in her holistic approach that includes both physical and emotional well-being through customized nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.  She’s an expert in her field, detail oriented, intuitive yet analytical and delivers the best possible solution to fit her clients’ needs.  Most importantly, JJ’s programs are rooted in her determination, integrity and compassion setting the foundation for her clients’ success in reaching their health and fitness goals.”
Homa S.