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Prayer vs Meditation

Looking for answers? What you feel may be stopping you from finding the answers you seek. This show is about how to use prayer and meditation most effectively.

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My Manifesto

I believe that you are the creator of your own reality. I believe you chose your life before you got here and that in partnership with the Divine there is a reason for everything. I believe that Law of Attraction shows you where you are vibrating by what shows up in your life. I believe contrast is necessary to uncover your greatest desires, gifts and purpose. I believe you have all the answers inside of you, you just may need to be reminded. I believe no one can hurt you without your permission. I believe we are meant to...

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How Emotions Effect Disease

What causes your physical symptoms? Is it just physical or are the roots of the physical in the emotional body? Learn how your body is trying to express something and how our old triggers are running our lives.

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Astrology and Weight Loss

How does your astrological chart, sun sign, moon sign and more effect your self care and weight loss results? Understand how to embrace and transform your unique energies.

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