Did you know that emotional energy can be passed down by your family through generations?

I am sure you understand certain habits and patterns you learned from parents who learned from their parents, but I am talking about the energy transference.

Have you ever felt like you had a block about something that you couldn’t wrap your head around?  For instance, knowing that the habit/pattern is there but not how it got there and why you can’t shake it?

This is what I learned working with Lisa Thomas. Over a year ago, I had my first session with her not having any idea what to expect.

A friend said she was amazing and so I called her to do a podcast and ended up booking a session after I said ” well I want that!”

I feature our first interview on the podcasts this week, I invite you to take a listen and learn about her gifts and how she can help you remove blocks that you may not even know are there- AND that may be preventing you from living the life you want.

Are you ready to release something?

Maybe you want to release negative beliefs, habits, emotions and patterns that make life a struggle or sabotage your health efforts?

Lisa will be presenting at the live event in January AND be doing a mini group healing!

Come join us in January!  LIMITED SEATING  

Beyond Cellular Healings was founded by International energy practitioner Lisa Thomas to help clients break through blocks and release negative patterns that can be carried through generations.

Lisa helps her clients reach their potential and resolve issues such as anxiety, procrastination and self image. She helps business owners attract more clients and increase positive money flow, while helping them find a clearer path to self-fulfillment and happiness.

Lisa is a sought-out practitioner known by Hollywood celebrities and clients worldwide. Her “Healing Circles Calls” are powerful and her clients say they are their secret weapon to their success.