The Invisible Fitness Formula: 5 Secrets to Release Weight & End Body Shame

If you’ve struggled with finding a deeper, healthier and happier connection to your body, food and lifestyle, this book may be your bible. Recent research in mind–body medicine indicates that if we are truly going to heal the obesity epidemic that has tripled in the past fifty years, a holistic, mindful approach is key.

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Optimal Health and Avoiding Burnout Checklist:

“Health is a habit, not an event”. Our results stem from our daily habits and routines. This checklist will cover all the areas mind-body-spirit that require energy and attention to maintain optimal health as you age and avoid burnout for busy professionals and entrepreneurs.

What Habits Block You?

Do you feel stuck in some area of life that you can’t seem to change?  Often, we have mental and emotional blocks that we are unware of that stop our success. Our subconscious beliefs get expressed in our daily habits, take the 10 question quiz to see which area of life may be preventing a breakthrough.

How do I attract love?

Within the next 10 minutes, you’ll learn factors that contribute to creating your “Body Blueprint” which sets into motion what and who is attracted to you. These factors are both lifestyle and mindset based and will call upon you to take action once you uncover what has been stopping you from attracting more love. Your score will appear at the end of the test and your results along with the details of this information will be sent directly to your inbox.

Win a Free Session On Air!

Enter to win a free one on one coaching session with JJ Flizanes on health, wellness, relationships, weight loss, and manifestation. If chosen, the session will be recorded (and edited to protect any super private info) and aired on one of JJ’s podcast channels.

The 30 Day Manifestation Challenge:

A guided daily practice plus community that will strengthen your ability to attract your hopes and dreams! Is meditating not working for you? Want something more activating? Have a vision board you never use? Join the next 30 Day Manifestation Challenge!

Do You Have Weight Loss Resistance?

Did you know there are 7 factors that cause weight loss resistance? This can also be called Metabolic Syndrome.  Take the quiz and find out which factor may be preventing weight loss success. You will get a score and recommendations once you complete the quiz.