Momentum is happening every day in your life. The question to answer, is that momentum positive and forward moving or negatively reinforcing limited beliefs and habits keeping you stuck and repeating patterns? Albert Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” When it comes to healing old wounds, creating new patterns, and making real change in our lives, it’s insanity to believe that people could do it by themselves. Can you learn new things? Of course, someone will have to teach it to you since it’s not something you have thought before or experienced.

Thoughts are the first place that momentum starts. From the moment we wake up in the morning, the monkey mind starts going unless we train ourselves into a new frequency. I have an online 30-Day Manifestation Challenge that I run and one of the recommendations I make, to shift momentum quickly, is to do a guided visualization. In the program, I created a chakra clearing audio, as well as an imaged focused visualization to use with a vision board. Both are designed to have you focus on your breath first, and then move into connecting with your body. Many of us need to be grounded before we can move into a new frequency of being. Other ways to start changing those thoughts are replacing them with affirmations. Affirmations can be created for every reason: money, love, health, and healing. Doing them often helps to retrain and reprogram thoughts and responses. When you can elevate your frequency and vibration from fear to hopeful, you allow yourself to connect with the energy that is hopeful, allowing you to attract at that level.

Our default mode is often negative. We have been trained to focus on what is not working, what we don’t have, and why we don’t have it. Imagine you are holding two hand weights- one is 1lb and the other is 10lbs. It is easier to lift the 1lb weight, so you may practice and enforce that more often because it’s easier. The 10lbs will make you stronger, but will be more work and much harder. When we do not deliberately focus our thoughts and attention, we default to what is easier and habitual. The good news is that when you practice lifting the 10lbs more often, it also becomes easier in time. Training your focus, point of attraction, thoughts and feelings is no different than training the body. You get good at what you practice.

Find Your Tribe

Until I started working with the Feelings & Needs list, I couldn’t articulate that what I needed was community. Once I figured that out, it felt easier to identify how important community is for people. It’s why many people go to church! Ethnic groups, religious groups, neighborhoods, sports teams, social dance groups, PTA, and all common interest groups provide support and education on specific areas of life.

For every new business venture I have started, I joined a group to learn, be accountable, and participate in a community that was focused on the same goals. When times are tough, there are people to help you. Success stories of overcoming obstacles would appear at just the right time to infuse a renewed hope and keep me going. Going at it alone makes it hard to have perspective about the progress being made, and it is a lot easier to quit when no one else is looking. “One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone” Shannon L. Alder.