I believe that you are the creator of your own reality.

I believe you chose your life before you got here and that in partnership with the Divine there is a reason for everything.

I believe that Law of Attraction shows you where you are vibrating by what shows up in your life.

I believe contrast is necessary to uncover your greatest desires, gifts and purpose.

I believe you have all the answers inside of you, you just may need to be reminded.

I believe no one can hurt you without your permission.

I believe we are meant to be whole and every situation that causes a trigger is an opportunity towards healing core wounds.

I believe people reflect back to you what you need to be aware of.

I believe that the only power you have is the power to change your beliefs, thoughts and reactions.

I believe that no one is responsible for your happiness except you.

I believe every person in your life is there for a reason, season or a lifetime.  We have sacred contracts  along our path set up for our highest good.

I believe that emotions, thoughts and beliefs are the most powerful force in the world and the least understood.

I believe that when you blame someone else for how you feel, you give up your power and sabotage yourself by eliminating the opportunity to take responsibility for what is really going on.

I believe you can influence change by healing yourself and setting an example.

I believe personal power comes from taking responsibility for everything you can control or manifest.

I believe that true peace and happiness comes from becoming a PhD in your own inner world.

I believe the greatest lesson is learning how to take our power back and to love ourselves and others unconditionally.

I believe we change the world by healing ourselves.


I wrote this a long time ago, within the last year, but only felt inspired to share it today.

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