Looking for answers? What you feel may be stopping you from finding the answers you seek. This show is about how to use prayer and meditation most effectively.

I hold a 30 Day Manifestation Challenge several times a year that focuses on different forms of receiving, meditation, creative visualization, attraction and manifesting.  Here is one of the most recent testimonials:

“Dear JJ, I wanted to reach out and express how much I appreciated the free month long manifestation challenge. As a mother of two toddlers, a small business owner, and a two year cancer survivor, first finding your podcasts; then participating in the challenge with you was truly life changing. I was so impressed with how much one on one contact we had with you, and how involved we all became in supporting each other. You were constantly uplifting and supporting us throughout the month, while never pressuring.  I appreciated how open we could be with our time commitment to it, doing as much or as little as we chose. Since the challenge  I have noticed such a significant difference in my daily thoughts and feelings. I find I am MUCH more relaxed and able to handle almost all situations in a calmer manor, having almost no “knee jerk” reactions. 

I can’t express enough how much finding your specific podcast made the difference in my life. Your ability to make us take a deeper look into ourselves, in a very vulnerable way, without making it feel uncomfortable is truly a gift of yours. It is what I believe MOST people need to take that first big leap to change. I know I did. I needed someone like you to tell me “stop being the victim, take control.” You take the pressure of “beating yourself up” off by explaining the science behind why we are the way we are, and if we accept that, we can change it. Thank you again for all you do! You are truly gift to those who find you and are willing to do the deeper work. Thank you SO much for offering this challenge. It was truly enjoyable and uplifting. I am really looking forward to the upcoming September challenge. Thank you!” Jessica M.
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