This episode aired on July 24th 2018, for now, I am only putting up all the videos plus the link to the recording.  I will fill in more as time progresses since this is a sensitive subject and I want to be as respectful as I can to all involved (while celebrating my happiness too!)




Here is video #1- JJ’s confession


Video #2:  Doug and JJ


Video #3- short and sweet profession 🙂


Will post more pictures and the story as time goes on.  You are most likely only getting to this page because you heard the podcast so I trust you know most of the story!

Here is our first co-hosting show for Women, Men & Relationships (episode 55)




From the Spirit, Purpose & Energy episode Stop Taking Score…….

one of my manifestations….story here


January 6th 2018 (Doug posted on FB)                                                                              June 3rd 2018